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Almost 500 years ago, a wooden screen was carved featuring ten scenes of Berrynarbor. Looking back across centuries of village life, groups of people in Berrynarbor are building a new set of ten scenes for today for the Village Band.

On Saturday 3rd October, we’ll be celebrating with Berrynarbor’s many musicians, from bell ringers to choirs to the primary school, completing and displaying the new screen for the first time, with processions, feasting, and much merriment into the evening.

(The original wooden screen dates from the birth of John Jewell, later Bishop of Salisbury, at Bowden Farm in Berrynarbor and can now be seen in the Museum of Barnstaple & North Devon).

This event is FREE.

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Timetable of Events

Thursday 1st October

  • 3.30-6.30pm - Make sure you have your lantern for the village procession by joining the free lantern making workshop in the Manor Hall. 

Saturday 3rd October

  • 2pm - The church bells will ring to open the event.  Refreshments will be available in the Manor Hall and The Globe
  • 2 - 3.30pm - Procession and music from the school children and
    community in the square, and creation of the new Bowden screen
  • 6pm - Music and performance in the square and
    lantern procession assembles
  • 6.30pm - Procession to Sloley Farm Barn
  • 7pm - Tongues of Fire concert and BBQ at Sloley Farm Barn
    (There will not be a bar.  Please bring any drinks in plastic bottles and use plastic cups)
  • 10pm - Event ends



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