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Stela, Polish folk music

A group of young musicians fascinated with rediscovering the cultural heritage of their region of rural Poland.

That doesn't mean storytelling and quaint melodies. Stela may play old instruments like fiddle or pedal accordion, but they tilt their performances in a modern direction.

The four young multi-instrumentalists interweave beautiful vocal harmonies with arrangements ranging from jazz-inflected rhythms to the traditional drone   harmonies of the Slavic tradition.

Poland is one of Europe’s largest countries in Europe yet has no such thing as a national traditional music… while travelling across it the music changes as often as the landscape. An evening with Stela offers a musical journey from old to new which keeps the spirit of Poland at its heart.

Western Morning News review 19/2/2010

Touring dates and further information

Beaford Arts

Stela performed at St. Brannock’s Church Braunton and St John the Baptist’s Church, Newport, Barnstaple on the 20th and 21st February. 

Stela also held an open choral workshop with singers in Braunton.

You can find out more about their tour here.

Listen to Stela’s music here.

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"Nineteen days in musician's heaven.
Thank you all for the great time we had thanks to your hard work and hospitality, but most of all for the opportunity to present our music to the wide audience.
We were all absolutely amazed at how well rural touring functions,” Aga Sroczynska, Stela