Beaford Arts

Working with communities

Our partnerships with more than 30 communities in North Devon are central to Beaford Arts’ ability to provide unique access to regional, national and international artists who wish to present their work in our exceptional environment. 

Our Spring and Autumn programmes feature theatre, music, dance and comedy, as well as workshops for schools and communities.  Beaford Arts works closely with these artists to ensure that we are offering promoters from each community performances which will inspire and provide a great night out.

We work in partnership with local voluntary promoters to help them to select and present shows and provide information and marketing packs to all new promoters, as well as linking them with other communities nearby who are already involved.  We visit each new community and help the promoter to develop audiences, provide training, publicity materials and marketing support.

If you would like to be involved and promote fantastic live performances and events in your community, please contact: Beaford Arts,  Tel: 01769 572573 or by email.