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 The Rap Guide to Evolution - Baba Brinkman

The Rap Guide to Evolution - Baba Brinkman

Thursday 29 April 2010 7:30pm

FREE EVENT: The Rap Guide to Evolution, written and performed by Canadian actor and rap artist Baba Brinkman, explores the history and current understanding of Darwin’s theory, combining hilarious remixes of popular rap songs with clever lyrical storytelling that covers Natural Selection, Sexual Selection, Evolutionary Psychology, and much more.

The performance is not only entertaining; it has also been peer-reviewed for scientific accuracy, making it a powerful teaching tool as well as a laugh-out-loud comedy experience. The Rap Guide to Evolution was developed with the support of the British Council, and was featured at both the Cambridge Darwin Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe in 2009, winning the prestigious Scotsman Fringe First Award for Best New Theatre Writing.

 “Brilliantly conceived and effervescently performed…not only is it factually correct, it’s also dazzlingly intelligent…after seeing this show, you'll never look at a hip-hop music video in the same way again!” **** The Scotman, Edinburgh 2009

“Brinkman is an excellent performer, combining the boyish energy of a rapper with the clever wit of a comedian and the intelligence of a lecturer to create an excellent production, which could be a new and exciting art form.” ****, Edinburgh 2009

Suitable for 7+ and for family audiences

Thursday 29th April, Petroc, Barnstaple, 7.30pm - Tickets for this event are now FREE, thanks to Petroc sponsorship, but must still be reserved – Tel.  01271 338212 or email 


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