Beaford Arts Kimmo Pohjonen

Earth Machine Music - Kimmo Pohjonen

This unique music event featured new commissions from one of Europe's most inventive and critically acclaimed artists, collaborating with agricultural machinery and performing on UK farms

Beaford Arts Kimmo's sampling trip - March 08
Beaford Arts Kimmo's sampling trip - March 08
Beaford Arts Kimmo's sampling trip - March 08

About Kimmo

Finnish accordionist/composer Kimmo Pohjonen stands apart as one of the world's musical innovators. Dubbed the 'Hendrix of the accordion', his singular mission is to expand the capabilities, sound, performance, scope and experience of his instrument in many different settings to levels never before seen or heard. Using surround sound, live loops and effects, and a highly compelling performance style, Kimmo's upfront, fresh and accessible approach has won him the hearts of audiences and critics across musical genres.

Sampling agricultural machinery

In Earth Machine Music, Kimmo worked with farming folk and agricultural machines in just four UK locations. The resulting performance featured new music composed in response to the various machines, sampled material from these machines and local people 'playing' them live alongside him.

Click here for photographs of the event at Westcott Barton in May 2008

Kimmo Pohjonen Website

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What the papers say

“Simply amazing”
The Guardian

“Nothing can quite prepare you for Kimmo Pohjonen. A performer whose blend of virtuosity and resolute experimentation is routinely likened to that of Jimi Hendrix or Laurie Anderson, Pohjonen is a galaxy away from squeezebox-squealing tourist torturers”
The Wire

“Responses to Kimmo Pohjonen’s first album and his concerts in the UK were ecstatic.”