Roger Deakins limited edition prints available from the Beaford Archive

Beaford Arts © Beaford Archive - Roger Deakins
Beaford Arts © Beaford Archive - Roger Deakins
Beaford Arts © Beaford Archive - Roger Deakins
Beaford Arts © Beaford Archive - Roger Deakins

In 2013 to celebrate his 10th Oscar nomination, for Best Achievement in Cinematography for the latest James Bond film and BAFTA winning, Skyfall, Beaford Arts asked Roger Deakins to select 10 of his favourite photographs from the images that he took for the Beaford Archive.

We are thrilled to offer these rare images as a strictly limited edition of digital prints.

The limited edition prints of black and white images taken in north Devon by Deakins in the 1970s, will only be available direct from Beaford Arts and only while stocks last. There will only be 12 digital editions of each photograph available for £95 from Beaford on 01805 603201 or online here 

Torquay born Roger worked at Beaford from 1971-1972 initiating work on the well-known Beaford Archive, a project then taken on by James Ravilious. He has since become one of Hollywood’s most highly acclaimed cinematographers, receiving nominations for films such as ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, ‘No Country for Old Men’, ‘Fargo’ and ‘True Grit’.

But Roger’s early work in North Devon, documenting the way of life on the farms and in the villages, cemented his passion for still photography that continues to this day. 

To celebrate this Oscar nomination, Beaford Arts asked Roger Deakins to select his personal favourites from these images.  The limited collection are on sale here now to mark the weekend of the 85th Oscars ceremony (taking place at the Dolby Theatre in the Hollywood district in Los Angeles, California on the 24th).

Roger said of his time with Beaford Arts: "The Beaford project was my first photographic work and I was very inexperienced.” He remembers working in what he referred to as a “closet of a darkroom” and did all of his own processing.

He continued “I really should have approached the subject more methodically and this is what James Ravillious did after he took over the project. His work [...] is a perfect example of what can be achieved with regard to documenting a way of life whilst at the same time producing creative work in its own right."

Prints will be sized at 28x20 inches (actual print area is 24x16 with white border) and marked with the edition number. The images will be printed using the Epson Digigraphie® system using an 8-colour Epson Stylus Pro professional printer on Epson Traditional Photo Paper 300g, combining the artistry of traditional photography with the ease and control of digital output (see an example here).

This unique media offers the same deep blacks, subtle tonal gradations and long-lasting results as the darkroom papers from previous generations. 

For more information on the Beaford Archive or to buy your limited edition Deakins print, click here or call 01805 603201. 

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