Dear Parents, Carers and Guardians,

Thank you for booking onto our courses this February. We run Yr5, Yr6 and KS3 courses over the duration of two weeks on Dartmoor as we take over Pixies Holt! 

From the period of 9th February – 17th February the Education team from Beaford Arts will be in residence at Pixies Holt. Therefore, if you need to contact about any of the courses during that time, between 9th-17th February, please call  01364 631500.

To remind you:

-         the course starts at 10:30am

-          the course finishes, with an exhibition on the final day, at 3.45pm


Arrival Procedure:

·         Please arrive between 10-10:30am

·         The main entrance to the centre is down the path from the car park, under the veranda through the big green door with old fashioned bell

·         Signing-in takes place in the Dining Room where you can drop off your lunch and check your room number when you sign-in (please be patient if there is a queue)

·         Once in the dorm room, choose from the available bunk beds to sleep during their stay, with luggage next to the bed and make the bed with your sleeping bag/duvet cover and pillow case ready for the night

·         Next, it’s saying your goodbyes and making your way to the Common Room where our tutors will be ready to help get them started on making art

·         All children need to have been signed in by an adult and to be left in the Common Room upstairs with the course staff ready for the register to be taken at the course to start before you leave (Once they have all arrived we start with a health, safety and ground rules talk and tour.)

·         We do not take responsibility for property that is not in our care such as phones etc… (these do not have signal at the centre),  and anything that does come with a child, should have their name on it, and can be locked away by staff if required so that it is only accessible during breaks: just ask before you leave. (We do not allow camera phones, or cameras in dorm rooms for child protection reasons. The course is full of exciting things, so ‘the less they bring, the more art they do, the less they lose’ is a good moto!)

Departure Procedure:

·         The course will conclude with an exhibition, talk and certificate presentation which will start at 15:45 in the Common Room at Pixies Holt

·         You are welcome to photograph the artwork and your child as well as the tutors, but please be sensitive to other children who may not have permission to be photographed

·         We always plan for departure to be between 16:00-16:30. You are welcome to leave as soon as you need to after 16:00 when you will be able to take the artwork of your son/daughter down from the exhibition and away with you for your home/school their sketchbook/future portfolio. If there are any special care instructions for the artwork, we will let you know during our presentation

·         Please check that you have EVERYTHING that you came with as well as all of the artwork, then sign out with staff in the Common Room so that we know you have left

·         If you are in charge of other children for a car-share home, please be sure to sign them out and make sure staff are aware of your arrangements

·         If you find there is something you have left behind, please call/email us to arrange the collection of lost property

Bad Weather:

In the event of bad weather during the course, we always try to keep the courses running and will only cancel a course in extreme weather conditions as follows…

·         Notification of course cancellation in the event of extreme weather conditions will be published through three channels no later than 3 hours prior to the start of a course:

1.       Twitter:

2.       Facebook:

3.       Our website home page which links with our twitter feed:

·         In the event of bad localised weather when a course goes ahead we will stagger the beginning of a course so that you can take your time and drive safely

·         In the event of inclement weather during a course, when travel to the centre might become difficult for collection, we will contact you by phone


When you arrive and depart from the centre please remember that parking is limited so you will need to be patient and possibly block cars in, or have to wait a short time to leave. We recommend car sharing if there are a number of you from one school. The address to Pixies Holt is:

Pixies Holt Outdoor Learning Centre




PL20 6SG

Tel: 01364 631500

Putting this postcode into Satnav will get you straight there. If you find you are lost on your journey and have no mobile reception the best place to follow signs to is Princetown where you will have access to shops to give you directions, mobile reception is better there, and you can call Pixies Holt on the number above. We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the route online and through maps prior to your journey.


Beaford Arts would like to take this opportunity to state that during the residential we will not be in contact unless there is an emergency or it becomes necessary due to extreme home sickness or illness. If there is an emergency, and you need to contact us, please call Pixies Holt directly. 

Medical and Dietary requirements:

·         Thank you for your payments, your forms, and information regards to dietary requirements.  This is very helpful for the catering team and when planning the dorm room allocations. If you have not yet returned these, please do so urgently as we like to have them prior to the course start so that we can brief our tutors about the needs of each child prior to your arrival.

·         Please bring medication, with names on, and give this to our staff upon signing in so that we can monitor this (including timings and doses with the medication)

Finally, we look forward to meeting you, making GREAT ART, and having a BRILLIANT TIME. We know that you will love seeing the work that they have achieved as you celebrate and share in their success and their stories.

Please drive safely,